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“Jaeco Warrants To The Original Purchaser Of Its Services & Rebuild Products That Such Services & Rebuild Products Will,
During The Warranty Period And Subject To The Limitations And Exclusions, Comply With All Applicable Specifications
And Be Free From Defects In Materials And Workmanship.”


Limited Warranty is offered , warranty is only applicable against parts billed , against manufacturing defects and workmanship


Warranty is only applicable to the time period or the usage limit as mentioned during sale of the product , and validity starts from the date of sale.


Warranty Does Not Means Guarantee , any failure arising other than manufacturing defects or workmanship issues cant be considered under warranty. Warranty is only applicable to product in question and not its adjoining or or complementing parts.


All warranties are subjected to certain terms and conditions , which may change without any intimation.

General Terms & Conditions

1. Warranty Starts From Billing Date

2. Warranty Validity Is Either Time Period Mentioned Or Kilometers Usage , Whichever Is Earlier

3. Wear Tear Not Included

4. No Warranty On Electronic Components Of The Unit

5. Only Limited To Parts Replaced, Labor Charged For And Covers Workmanship Defects and Manufacturing Defects

6. ŸThe Warranty Would Be Subject To Proper Fitment Procedure. Failure Due To Operational Reasons I.E. Misuse / Improper Handling, Accident, Fire , Water Entry Are Not Covered Under Warranty.

7. No Liabilities Will Be Accepted For The Damage Caused Due To The Following Reasons : 

a. The Unsuitable Or Improper Use Of Product.

b. Faulty Storage.

c. Faulty Erection Or Commissioning By The Purchaser Or Third Parties.

d. Modification Of Fuel Line , Air Line , Oil Line.

e. Faulty Fuel Line , Air Line , Oil Line.

f. Rusty Pipes.

g. Non Genuine Filter.

8. We Will Not Accept Any Liability Arising From An Incorrect Modification Or Maintenance Work Carried Out By The Purchaser Or Third Party Without Our Prior Consent As Well As Any Maintenance Work Carried Out Other Than At Jaeco Rebuilding Systems Pvt. Ltd.

9. We Will Not Be Liable For Any Claims Against Damage To Engine, Engine Parts, Vehicle Or Vehicle Parts As Consequence Of The Failure Of The Unit.

10. All Legal Disputes Are Subject To Chandigarh Jurisdiction Only.

11. We Will Not Accept In Charges Related To Installation Or Removing Of Unit For Warranty Purposes , Nor Any Charges For Logistics Involved For Warranty Settlement


Common Rail Systems

3 Months Or 20,000 Kms

Sale , Repair , Rebuild

Distributor Pump Rebuild.jpg

Diesel Injection Systems

3 Months Or 20,000 Kms

Sale , Repair , Rebuild

Rebuild Turbocharger.jpg


3 Months or 20,000 Kms

Repair , Rebuild

Please Note : Sensors Sold As Spares Have No Warranty , They Guaranteed To Be New and Original . All New Units Sold Are Subject To Manufacturers Warranty Criteria 
Fixing the Car

How To Fit

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